Active participation for all

CaptionConnect helps to reduce learning barriers and increase the number of students and employees actively participating in education and in the workforce by making spoken language more accessible for all. Voice is converted to text in real-time so everyone is able to participate at the same time and no one misses out on the conversation, learning or idea sharing.

CaptionConnect helps improve outcomes for all students including students with additional learning needs and/or students who are Deaf of hard of hearing. With CaptionConnect, students can:

  • View the speech-to-text transcript in real-time to follow along with the lesson.
  • Search and review the content easily when they need to revise any information at a later date.

Foreign and international students who prefer English in a written format will also gain value from this teaching platform which supports multilingual translations allowing international students to translate the content into their native language.

With CaptionConnect, international students can:

  • Replay the audio to support understanding and information retention.
  • Translate the audio or transcript to their native language to enhance understanding and comprehension.
  • Read the transcripts, which may be easier for them to understand.

CaptionConnect brings communities together

It provides access to people in rural and remote communities. As a cloud-based web solution there is no need for any special software to be installed and it can be used from anywhere at any time, providing accessible content to those living in rural and remote communities.