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CaptionConnect is useful in a variety of Government settings from transcribing Community Engagement Consultations and Meetings, to making Federal, State and Local Government meetings, events and seminars accessible to the Deaf community.

CaptionConnect replaces the need for manual captioning as speech is automatically converted to text in real-time, allowing information to be available in a more accessible format.

Use CaptionConnect to:

  • Automatically capture a written transcript of the discussion in important meetings.
  • Share important information faster and more easily
  • Easily translate text files into up to 100 different languages so that important community messages and content can be accessible to Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities (CALD)

Student success and growth depends on being provided with the appropriate tools and opportunities. CaptionConnect Live provides facilities for students to find lectures in a simple and intuitive manner. Recent and upcoming lectures are
displayed on a student’s homepage.

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